Graphic Design / Web / Graphic Identity


This is a project I did when I did an internship during my last semester at school. Aqena is a lender online. The company is completely new and came to us for help with creating a simple graphic profile and a new website. The result was a timeless and subtle feeling in a lavish costume. One of Aqena's keywords is personality, therefore the website became an easy to use and helpful site with a good presentation of the brand and their service.

Starting off with the logo

From the beginning, Aqena had a clear picture of how they wanted their company to be presented. After a start-up meeting, I sat down for a first sketching.


When I sketch on logos I like to make out several different variations to form myself a clear picture of how to sort out the ones I want to continue with.

When sorting is done

When I had sorted out the options I knew myself in the right direction, I sent the options to the customer for feedback.


They were happy with the direction, but wanted an even simpler feeling. I got back to the drawing board for an other round.