UX Design / UI Design / Webapp 


This was an individual project in school. The task was to simplify the process of applying for an internship abroad. KKN, Team Sweden and Utrikesdepartementet wanted to attract designers and other creatives to go abroad.

After having done several interviews with people who identified themselves as the target group, I began to discern some touchpoints that meant they did not dare or knew how to apply for an internship abroad. I chose to create a service where the person can get to know their city and office even before it has been in place.

With the help of VR and simple work samples from the agency you easily get a sense of how it is to work on the site. Other information such as events, weather and courses are gathered so that the person can easily feel at home in their new city.

Choose country and city

The first thing the user does is to choose is which country and city she/he wants to do their internship in.

When they have chosen the city, a page over the chosen city is shown.

On that page, you find everything from internship-places to events in and near the city. It works as a guide.