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Kopparbergs Göteborg FC is an elite football club for ladies. In the autumn of 2018, the club was involved in a thrilling top battle in Allsvenskan together with Piteå IF and FC Rosengård. In the final game against FC Rosengård at Nya Ullevi, KGFC won the battle and tramped second place and thus the silver and a desirable Champions League place until spring 2019.


A top club like Kopparbergs Göteborg FC is something that needs to be upheld and has quality at all levels. Outside the actual football field, they have ended up a bit awkward, I wanted to help with that. My job has been to package KGFC in a smarter and better way and update their website.

The Crest

I went into the project with great respect and humility about working with such a large club in women's football. I quickly found an interesting angle on how I would work with the design.


In the current emblem, the Gothenburg lion male takes a great place and constitutes the largest part of the logo. Since KGFC is a women-only club, the lion male did not become representative and was therefore transformed into a lion's female.

From Lion to Lioness

In order to give the club a clear symbol, the step was natural to reshape the lion into a lion female. The lion female symbolizes femininity but also the attitude, pondus and fighter will. The purpose is to give KGFC a symbol to be proud of and easier to identify with.


The largest and most obvious changes are as mentioned in the lion. The shield itself has got a more even and clear shape, which gives a better balance. The typography in the emblem has got a tighter and more modern set to give the whole emblem a good cohesion.



To create visual stability in a company's communication, a well-thought-out font is required. I chose to work with an open-type font called Lato to make it easier for myself in the work since I have used myself out of it before and can quickly find combinations that work well. It is a solid and great font to use on the web as it is free to use.



Matchday blue

To enhance the identity in the form of colors, I chose to pick out the distinctive blue color from the club emblem and name it Matchday Blue. The color should set the tone for the whole club and give clarity all the way from the match shirt to the web.

Wider spectra

Kopparbergs Göteborg FC has always been very black in its appearance. To give a broader spectrum, the blue nuances have taken a bigger place without encroaching too much on the existing feeling.

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