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The Zouma Running vest Faze series 2021

Graphics | Print | Apparel | Design

Zouma is a running clothing company that lives by its motto “Bold & ethical running essentials made to last”. The brand is focusing on sustainable materials and a fair production chain. I got a request from them to create a bold and eye-catching print for their Faze series. It resulted in an all-over zebra graphic to relate to their logo origin.

The running vest has traditional cuts and sews with a lot of space for shoulders and free movement. The print itself evokes speed and athleticism.

Print development

To make the production a bit cheaper and easier to apply, I chose to create the pattern repeatably and seamlessly. In that way, you can put it out randomly and still get the same effect. All vests get unique.


I got the inspiration from Zebras, as all zebras have their own unique stripe pattern and it goes well with the brief. To make a bold and eye-catching print.


The question still remains, does a Zebra has a white body with black stripes, or a black body with white stripes?


Zouma 5.png
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